Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Lifetime Decision

Best quote I've heard today (as seen on wai's fb status):
Don't make permanent decisions on temporary emotions
Or in Malay :
Jangan buat keputusan yg kekal berdasarkan emosi yg sementara.

I couldn 't agree w this saying more.
How many times in your life have you made a decision based on what you were feeling at the moment,
saying things like "we should stop talking forever." or "I'll stay w you for a life time". Things that you can
never take them back?

and of course, months after you said that, you found yourself doing OR wanting the exact oposite from what you said?

well, I did that one too many times.

I've said things like "Ive decided to stop caring.Ever again". or "This is it. I've decided my life will go this way. and thisthis thatthat blablabla.." . 
And end up feeling very depressed  when things go a whole other way round. 
Ive promised or decided things based on what I felt and I made myself believe that what I was deciding is the best decision ever.
...and I have to live a lifetime facing the consequences. 
The pressure to face everything that I never expected to happen. 
Why? Why do we tend to do that? Say things that we aren't sure gonna last or valid for a lifetime.  

I think one of my excuses would be, I need the security of the present. To have some sense of direction.
Or even at times, to have comfort
Or maybe it's just the fact that I lived everyday wishing that whatever that happened on that day, will never change. Thus by saying things like that, it gives a bit of hope that things will stay cause I dont like changes and I dont know how to handle changes. 
Hm. And maybe why I'm doing the exact oposite now is due to numerous inevitable factors that forced me to. 

But everyday, I wish I could hold on to what I've decided. Then my life would totally be in control.
Not an effin mess it is right now.

What's YOUR excuse? :)


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