Thursday, 26 May 2011


Ahah and so please excuse me for not continuing w the challenge just yet. Iklan jap :)

I woke up this morning at putrajaya around 12.30 noon, got a phone call from thoher (rindu!) and
immediately on my laptop that was strategically placed beside me, still feeling a bit mamai. I was still so very sleepy, unaware of the whole situation.

Logged in into facebook. One new mail from adam zakaria and samira tuan hassan :

 tomorrow nak keluar jom? before you guys balik..ajak si syamil skali..    
Samira Tuan Hassan
2morrow i cant :(
:( how la then?
esok i kene g summit buy stuffs. today? haha  
today okay je, but then ciyaa how? 
Samira Tuan Hassan  
u call ciya. i xd crdt :\
Immediately i ran downstairs, hair everywhere, searched for daddy and pleaded him to let me go back home to Subang Jaya. Like pronto. 
Alhamdulillah I got the green light. Terus ran back upstairs, replied them :p and without bathing, grabbed all my stuffs, put it in huge plastic bags, shouted to akak to siap asap
And off I went back to subang so stinky! ahahhah ah the things id do for you wonderful people =.=
Called Syamil, he's in class, cursing as to why we always make this last minute plans.
Put the blame on adam and samira :p 
Picked samira's up at her hse, reached subang home. Mandi2! and waited for Adam to pick us all up!

Ahaha we went to pyramid for lunch since it was rather late for a movie :)
So here are some photos. 

 "Do the babyGurlz face!" -Syamil. Trust me, we tried so hard. ahahha

 Syamil finishing my chickeeeen.

Random shots at Nando's

 On the way to padang D in Adam's new beloved car :p

 Ahh mi loves <3 :)

 The boys bringing sexy back. haha!

 Our personal body guards :p (lah sngt!)

Okay do not ask where we got that namehahaah
And I love them to bits.
Im gonna miss you guys so much :(
Please come visit me on my bday okay? Hehe.

Today was fun. It was rather simple, but fun!
Im glad we didnt go to the movies and burn the chances of spending time w each other.
Ahah oh and izzatie, we miss you so much.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Day Two.

9 Things About Myself

1. Im one messed up chick. You dont wanna get involved w me. I can almost assure you you'll regret it. Unless you're really stubborn like most of my friends, then yea ill make sure you stay. Once in, you'll never get out. Muahahha *evillaugh*.

2. Trust me, I eat alot. I might not eat a large portion at one go, but I'd never stop munching. Never. There's always cakes, biscuits, cookies, icecreams, cereals, breads, sunflowerseeds, chocolates, fruits anything really in between meals. As long as I keep munching, Im fine.

3. I'm every stubborn. I have sky-high ego. Yea, I might look innocent and everything, but know Im very headstrong. Once I've set my mind to something, it's so very hard to change it.

4. I cant live without fruits. They  make sure I stay well, rational. My favourite fruits are orange, grapes, crunchy apples, Ya pears, bananas, durians, rambutans!, dukong, duku langsat. But I dont like ciku, mata kucing, and nenas. :)

5. I'm very sensitive. I can be very melodramatic most of the times. I realise all this. but I dont think I can change anything about it. Thats just me -.- Im temperamental

6. I'm lazy. In every way.  I procrastinate ALOT. BUT, oonce I'm in the mood to do something, once I feel like doing something, I'll never stop until I achieve perfection. To the point that I get paranoid sometimes.

7. My family means the world to me. Im lucky to have a close knit type of family. and also a few of my friends who have always been there for me thick and thin. I treasure them with all my heart.

8. As annoying as this sounds, yes I forgive waay toooo easily. But it'll took me a lifetime to forget. Sadly.

9. I guess ud have to figure this out yourself ;) tell me, then ill wrote it down here.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Day One

10 Things I want to say to different people

1. Please understand me for once. Yes I know you didnt mean everything you did but Im always the one to take the blame for others. You said it goes to all of us, yet you just said it to ME. and you wont say it to the others. Why. Im like the place where you vent your anger to. and It hurts, when Im the one who's always there to accompany you everywhere. So what should I do now? Become busy like the others, so I dont have to be around so much and you wont have the person to vent your anger to?  Sometimes I dont think it's fair. If you're mad at all of us, say it to ALL of us. Not just me. You selalu marah me and when I asked you why am I the only one to get blamed, you'd say "Taklah .utk semua la ni". But the you're talking to me alone. Then Id have to pass it to others. Why must I always get the first hand scolding? Why must I do everything for everyone just to free them from any responsibilities?.

2. I don't understand why you're being like this. Im srry Im not the number one in keeping in contact all the time but what did I ever do to deserve this. I even asked you to reply. Yes you kept msging me your updates but you never did ask for any reply. Even so I did call you every once in awhile. Dont lie. So why do you say that I'm treating you like a robot. Never even once I was rude to you. You've always been a someone I intend to keep forever. So why do you have to be rude to me now? Treating me like some trash on the sidewalk? Yet you're being oh so nice to the people I can BET never even contacted you all the while. Heh Kan? :) you amazed me. You should man up and tell me really straight forward if you wanna leave. Doing this, is just plain childish.

3. Im sorry I've hurt you. You're wonderful and I'm sorry you gotta be involved in all this . I know this is so typical, I never meant to hurt you. I made a mistake. And I sincerely apologize. I hope you believe me. I dont wanna be in bad terms w you.

4. Oh you, yes you, you know who you are. The person i always kept coming back to no matter how shitty things get. You for once, disgust me. You've proved yourself to me that youre the lowest of the low anyone could ever get. I dont wanna say I believe in Karma, but then again I hope one day you'd realize what you've done and at that time, an apology will be much appreciated.

5. I hope you could stop judging for once and let me live my life. As long as I dont disturb your life, there's no reason why you should disturb mine. If you dont like what you're seeing, then go. Nobody's stopping you -.- stay as far as you can.

6. You're the only one who's been there for me through thick and thin. Though we cant see each other often yet uve always remained by my side whenever I needed somebody. I could nnever imagine what id do without you :') I love you to death.

7. I dont what is it about you, or what is it that you've done. Is it a spell? that's beyond imagination. But I dont think any words can describe how you've changed my life so much is such a short time :S It's a shame how you can be fickle minded at times, and I really dont know whether you've come to stay, or just to make me smile for a short brief of time. Either way, make your words clear. Say only what you mean please. Not just what you feel like saying at the time to get what you want. Cause I could never read you.

8. I wish I could tell you everything, everything I know so that you'd realize something. But that'll be indirectly destroying your happiness and what you currently believe in. And I hate to do that.

9. STOP BEING SO EFFIN LAZY DAMN IT. LIFE IS ABOUT GIVE AND TAKE. YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO GIVE, YOU MUST LEARN TO GIVE TOO. NOT JUST ACCEPT EVERYTHING. You're not the king and I don't live to serve you -.- Learn to exchange favors cause Im getting tired of this.

10. Please be proud of me, just this once. Stop saying sarcastic words and stop making me sound like the stupidest of all. Im doing all I can to make you proud. I promise.

As taken from Amira's.

Due to the fact that i seriously need to keep my mind off things, I decided to take the challenge.
Here it is.

Day One - Ten things you want to say to different people
Day Two - Nine things about yourself
Day Three - Eight ways to win your heart
Day Four - Seven things that cross your mind a lot
Day Five - Six things you wish you'd never done
Day Six - Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven - Four turn offs
Day Eight - Three turn ons
Day Nine - Two smileys that describe your life right now
Day Ten - One confession

There let's start the challenge today shall we :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I rest my case.

Hey you. Yes you, are you reading this?
Mark my words.

I GIVE UP. I don't wanna give a damn anymore.
I'm done caring.

Friday, 6 May 2011

A Love Story

     I hate to tell myself this. BUT I TOLD ME SO. haha I told myself before that once I'm home I bet it's gonna be hard for me to constantly update this blog and I was right :) Being home is so relaxing that you don't really have that many things to write about.Ha ha

Howeverrr, for the sake of keeping this blog updated, I decided now that  I'm gonna tell you a shortshort lovestory between two rats. Yes, you heard me, RATS. A story that my brother witnessed himself.

 Sekadar gmbar hiasan. :p

According to the story told by my brother :

"As I was driving home the other day, along this long stretch of road, I saw these two rats. Chasing one another. Usually rats don't make their appearance that obvious, but these two rats, the don't seem to care about their surrounding, whether there are cars nor people watching; they keep running and chasing one another. So I slowed down my car. At first I thought they were trying to fight. but everytime one caught up w the other, they'd just smell each other (or kissing in rats' way , who knows!) haha and keep playing police and thief again. lol. Suddenly, while those two were so oblivious to the surrounding, a car came, so fast and
BAAM!! It hit one of the rats. All I saw was the rat floundering in pain, as though hanging to his last bit of life. Of course the one which was being chased was already safe on the other side of the road when that happened. Realizing that nobody was chasing her,she stopped; and turned back, sniffing the air as though looking and wondering why the other rat stopped chasing. Thats when she caught a glimpse of the lifeless body of the other rat. She kept sniffing the air, and slowly and carefully walk back to the then-dead rat.

Until she arrived at the body in the middle of the road. It was so heartbreaking. She sniffed and sniffed the body again and again. And she was sure thats her lover (cheh) ,she stayed there by the body, not moving an inch. I SWEAR. She just sat there, in the middle of the road, not caring whether there's a car coming or people walking; Once, even a cat came! and she stayed. :S . "

Amazing huh? Just sitting there by the body. I wonder if the rat can talk, what do you think she was saying? Was she crying? I dont know. But I sure want to know if I can. ahah. IF.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011