Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Aww selalu teringin nak upload pictures to my blog so that it'll look much more interesting.
The thing is the internet here is so freakin lagging and is refusing to let me upload pictures! hmph.
Thought maybe I could add some pictures when I'm back home but come to think of it, if I'm home,
takkan pernah ada masa nak update2 this blog. lol. Oh well.

Currently in "Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving" class or also known as programming.
Revising on functions. How stressful.
Been getting less than 6 hours sleep in the past 3 days
and I guess now my brain is so mad me for not letting it rest.
Maybe that's the reason now it refuses to work w me. Ha ha

I can BET if you can see how my brain is now, it would be clearly stated there,
with bold block letters.ahah

Oh well, I got no one to blame. I registered myself for this. So painful or not, it is what I asked for.

On the contratry, it was all kinda fun.
Handling the event to welcome VC and everything.
It's so amazing how one person can turn the whole university into a major chaos. haha

and so alright the lecturer is talking up front.
and it all sounds so gibberish.
all I think I hear is "bgfsdfhsdjfsdf.blablubleh? blubabubeh yea?"
HAHA and I'm smiling alone here like some mad women.

To make matters worse,
I dont have my specs w me and I'm closer to the back of the class!
So it's like one huge blur in front w someone talking in some ancient language.

please note the sarcasm.

ooh and suddenly feel like eating nasi ayam pak Mud. HAHA


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