Saturday, 26 March 2011

Intimidating ?

My phone battery is seriously acting up.
Imagine charging it for two hours,
After that, send just satu message,

Tak ke sakit jiwa? Sikit2 nak mati, sikit2 nak mati.
Org sepatutnya seboleh2 nak hidup lama-lama,
Dia tk habis-habis nak mati.
Haih dear phone, I love you so much so please stop dying on me k?
I wont change you for a blackberry.  :) aha


Okay I don't understand how people usually give the lamest excuse ever.
No offence.
but seriously? if you berani do that thing, you should be berani enough to admit the reasons. No?

Here, I'm so used to being left out from activities.
But I don't usually take it to heart since I'm fully aware w the fact that I don't really make "BEST" friends here.
Just a couple of good ones.

But then have some heart la when you go to someone right next to me and say "Eh esok jom blablabla".

Usually, when I got that, Id just say "Amboi. org tepi ni tknak ajak ke ? :p "

And wanna know the most common respond I got ?
                    Oh ala.. Ciyaa. mana nak keluar dengan kamii . Mana ada masaa

???er.. I mean hello isnt it obvious that Im selling myself out here? Hahah.

If you dont want me there, I get it :) I was obviously joking pun when I asked tknak ajak I ke.
But if you feel like you owe me a reason,
please give an acceptable reason rather than putting the reason on me .
If you cant do so, then dont give a reason at all.

Haha cause honestly, I dont mind and I understand :)
Chances are, Im not gonna be in the mood to go out pun, depending on how I'm feeling now .

BUT sometimes it'd be great to feel wanted for an outing.
It's always nice to feel needed, no?


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