Thursday, 6 December 2012

Forever Alone Grannies

Assalamu'alaikum to Muslims,
and Good Day to everyone else!

So this is how my normal day in class looks like :

Notice one thing? no? Let me help : NO ONE WANTS TO SIT IN THE SAME ROW AS I AM.

Ahah not sure whether I smell bad or I'm incredibly annoying. But the 5 rows on the right side of the class are always full to the last chair and yet they still struggle to find a place there. It's always empty on the leftside of the class - where I sit. Or at most 10 persons. Despite the fact that I do come early before most people. HAHA. Still can't understand why -.-

Went to eat at Amin Thai Just now 

TADAAAA! (ignore syahir's unhappy face)

I got to say, went to this place once before with family and the service was SUPER SLOW!. SNAIL-SLOW! SLOW SLOW! When the food reached us, it was almost midnight :S 
And not to mention the fact that the food was a bit so-so. BIGGEST disappointed for HOURS of wait.
Explains why sangat serik nak makan situ lagi boleh tak -.-


Syahir insisted on eating there td, still couldn't figure out why he loves that place so much. Decided I might just give it another chance. And to my surprise, a Good surprise, the service was okay! And the food..
The daging merah was heavenly, the meats were tender and soft. Kailan ikan masin had just the right amount of masinness. Telur bungkus lived to the expectations. Got to say I was beyond satisfied :)
What a good change for Amin Thai! Thumbs up to the cook and workers! Will definitely go there again for the daging merah. Hehe


And while eating, played around w the fatbooth and Agebooth on my android. Hehe these apps are priceless! Here are some photos of people I've changed to become years older or pounds heavier :p

Hi!, Comel x SaYeWz? hIkhIK. :P

 Say hello to grandpa Aye (syahir) ! Can't deny the fact that even after changing his photo to look 
like a granddad, he still look pretty..well, jambu :p You makan jamu ke apa ni? haha

 My one and only, sis-in law, grandma pah! Macam exactly rupa your mother. :p

                                       LIN!                                                      AKMAL!


Wednesday, 5 December 2012



It's been well over a year since I last blog. :S How time flies!  Im such a bad blogger aren't I?
I don't have a particular excuse for this. Maybe I was so busy w life, maybe my life's boring or maybe..I've been holding everything inside all this while , not being able to express them out . Either way, I've stopped blogging. 

Suddenly all inspired to write another entry ,
A pointless one, I must say. But tengok Lisa Surihani blog comel comel in "Istanbul Aku Datang", can't help but wonder if I can sound that adorable in my blog. ehem. 

ALSOO, I just finished this book

Got some extra time on my hands and decided to stay in and read yesterday. The book gave me so many mixed feelings I can't desccribe. Even the tag line "If you could hold on to just one memory, what would it be?"  oh what could it be? hmm..

So well theres a part of this story where Abby (the lead) decided to make a treasure chest in her laptop. Treasuring all the memorable memories she collected day to day by recording them in written form, videos, and photos. Since I dont have that kind of treasure chest in my laptop, can't help but wonder if I could use my blog for that purpose? :) hm hm.

But really, if you know youre losing your memories, which one of them that you will fight for to let it stay in your mind? Share w me if you dont mind :)

Anyways, still have a lot of work to do! Student life -.-
So more updates soon?
Ihope :)

Salam and Good day,