Thursday, 24 March 2011


Merah (me), Hitam (him)
Ciya, ur blog is adorable­ ­
it is?
I like the part when u talk about ur family
to tweet
which one?
Ada a few
Haha I don't know you read them
Recently. Since I have plenty for free time. You dont mind kan?
:) Of course I don't!
wtv it is, keep posting :)

Aw thanks! actually kan, I rasa you sorg je yg baca.
haha really? what about the other 2 followers?
Oh yes and them too.. kot
Well, I think your blog is interesting. Fun to read. Unlike others. hehe
Really? in what way?
Like the way you wrote it. cam kemas je. nak baca pun senang
and the way you express your feelings pun mcm interesting.
You're the first :) thanks!
No problem. As long as you keep posting, I'll be honoured to read it.

That was really random and it caught me offguard :) I never thought that anyone would actually read this blog. ahah thus, Thank you M (; What you said was the sweetest and the first compliment I got for this blog. eheh
InsyaAllah I'll keep posting.


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