Wednesday, 30 March 2011

True Companion

Have you ever cried so hard that it hurts both your head and your chest? It's like having your energy drained out of you.

Sakitnya Kepala. Can I sleep and please let me wake up at home.?..please?

Naznin, you know how impossible it is to find someone like you here?
Jap Correction
Impossible to find someone that even comes close to being like you!

:( It's so hard having to go through everything without you.
You're like my source of strength. You cnstantly make me feel okay.

You know what I do everytime I cant stop crying and feel horribly lonely?
I close my eyes and imagine you're here hugging me.
Saying your usual comfort words.
And cursing those who made me cry! haha just so id feel okay again.

I miss you! and mummy and daddy too.
I hope I can be back home where I can just ask you to come over or culik you depan rumah.
When I have you w me, I can go through anything. Id stop crying and you can stop worrying about me.
I promise.

So just come over here okay? :(


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