Friday, 25 March 2011

Simple, yet original :)

You pun asyik pakai tudung bawal je. Bosan laa.

First and foremost, I have no problem whatsoever w the person who said this.
Infact, she's one of my closest friend ever :) and she was kidding.
But it gave me an idea to write something on my blog today.
Ive wrote a post once on tudung. This is the second.

It was yeaaaars ago when semua org pakai tudung bawal, reti ke tak, you have no other choice.
It was the only type of tudung that was available.

Now, FUH COUNTLESS FASHION ada. search je kat youtube how to style hijab. Sure banyak.
Dari tudung indon, ke tudung indon lilit, ke shawl, ke pashmina, ke syria, ke selimut, cotton corak2.
Semua ada nak puaskan hati pemakai.

But yet, no offence, makin lama, makin senghabut style tudung ni .
Makin menonjol; it demands every possible attention it can.
Tak boleh dinafikan, you're gonna get alot of attention from wearing tudung secara "style"
But is that really the point you want to wear tudung ?
Im sure we dont want people to think that we wear tudung just to stand out.

And I'm sure we are not meant to develop tudung style every year "sesuai dengan perkembangan semasa".
Im sure.

Why I prefer bawal ?
Yes bab nak bentuk and iron tu sngt leceh.
But I genuinely thing its the simplest and nicest form of head scarf.
And whats best? it can suit ANY ocassion. Honestly any.
The same tudung you can wear it everywhere and anywhere ranging from mamak hangouts, to even dinner! :)

And it maintains the kemelayuan and keayuan look :P

In the end, for me, this among the earliest style, is the best one ever. Timeless, Im sure.
Simple, decent, yet flexible <3

What more could I ask for?  :)


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