Saturday, 19 November 2011

Shed a tear.

I guess Imma postpone my wasiat to people for awhile. Sorry :p But here's what in my mind now.

I called him up yesterday. Just because. I joked around, telling him I was there, right where he wanted me to be. I thought it was obvious I was kidding around as I was using my mother's phone...Even so, I couldn't help but notice there was a hint of enthusiasm in his voice as he asked me where I really was.

Like there's a pinch of hope that I might just be near. Right there with him like the old times.

At that moment, I just wanted to drop whatever I was doing, and take the next flight there. So I can have him close again ;)

Haih, this is going to be so hard.

I miss you bad.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

AMY SEARCH - Tiada Lagi.

Ha jom feeling sikit :)

Warkah buat sahabat. ECEH *vomit*

Among the few responses I got when I told my friends I am going to accept the fast track offer. 
I'm not trying to prove anything here; they are all my dearly beloved best friends. 
And that sad feeling, is mutual.

I must say I've been exaggerating all these while. Merbok isn't THAT bad. 
I mean, I have more than enough people I need to enjoy it there. 
Just times it's not quite suitable for a girl like me kot? 
I get bored with places, things and people easily. Sounds like a brat kan. Har har
Either way, I am totally OKAY to continue my studies there. 
I just have some personal reasons as to why I prefer taking the fast track.

But I AM feeling a bit blue.
YES, I might NOT want to go back to Merbok NOW..or tomorrow for that matters; B.U.T,  I don't think I am ready to leave that place for good either. 
I have so much going on for me there..that it does get hard to think that for a fact, my time there is over.. and there's no turning back. I'm leaving soo many people AND responsibility behind that it's heartbreaking.

I won't be able to join in anymore and I'll be missing out on so much fun and quality times I'M SURE. Thus, I am so very sad. I don't wanna be feeling left out.

SOO, in order to MAKE SURE you people will never forget me, please, allow me to be all oooey gooey and cheesy this once? :)

Imma make another post. Just to post some messages to some people :) But itll take some time as I need to find pictures and everything.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Typical Boring Day

On a typical boring day, this is how my chitchat w Ain looks like

11 minutes ago
Ciya Fakri
  • Ahah sekali tk dapat en fast track
  • hmm
  • 10 minutes ago
    Ciya Fakri
    • HAHAHHA buduh.
    • cipan kepala sembilan
  • 7 minutes ago
    Zu'ain Zaizura
    • hahaha
    • gila la i chat ngn you
  • 6 minutes ago
    Ciya Fakri
    • Haahhahha bodo i terbayang la gila.
    • HAHA
    • babins.
  • 6 minutes ago
    Zu'ain Zaizura
    • hahaha
    • sape suruh start
    • padan muka


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Whats left of us.

And so, Im having one of those moments where I don't even feel like getting out of bed. So here I am. Trying hard to distract my head from things but failing miserably. -_________- Anyhow, the week started off really well. My darlings here came down to KL. One from Perak, one from Melacca after visited his girlfriend. anyonyonyo. Took them around incase I wont be seeing them anymore after this :') I really sure do hope I will. But it's so hard to tell in the near future.

So here's the reason why I love them too much. Because they're so gay. ahha

...And somewhere along the way Amim decided to be gay-er than usual. so the camwhoring continues..

HAHA! ..and THEN he's back to his usual wannabe-rocker self. 

:) What I hate the most? it's the fact that it took me three semesters to find you wonderful peeps..
And just when I'm starting to have fun, just when you guys are starting to grow on me,
I might just be leaving soon. Bleargh.

Okay enough w the cheesy stuffs. THANK YOU FOR COMING DOWN TO VISIT MEE.
Ill miss you so much :) 

How do you go against someone who is almost perfect? Or do you just give up ?

Smile and everything would get better, Ciya.
Have faith.