Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Do you like it ?

I can't deny, my daily life here in Kedah is harder than I ever thought it could get.
On some days, I couldnt even believe that I'm still coping up w stuffs, although barely.
Bayangkan, I'm even suprised that I'm still here and not six feet under! wow. ahah Yay me .

Okay, in life we cant run from problems. 'Cause everybody has problems, right?  and sometimes, they say
it's just a choice of attitude. As to how we react to a certain situation. And that people can only hurt us if
we let them do so. Am I right ?

Another famous quote. is the fact that we must always treat people the way we want to be treated. And never mistreat others if you yourself dont wanna be mistreated. Tapi mcm mana kalau kita dah baik2 pun kena jugak ? Hm.

Here, Im gonna give you a few situations and ask yourself whether you like it or not.
Then ask yourself whether you have ever done it to someone. If the answer is no, and then yes for the second question, jomlah we change for the better and treat people the way we would like to be treated.

1. Do you like it when you smile at someone and they dont smile back?
2. Do you like it when you have problems w someone and all you want is to talk it out but that someone
    acts as if you're invisible although you're RIGHT THERE INFRONT of him?
3. Do you like it when everything you say is mistaken for a bad meaning ? Just because they want to
    think that you're the bad guy.
4. Do you like going to class everyday having that feeling of worry that you'll meet that someone you
    despise? And when you do meet that someone, somehow everything about that day seems wrong?
5. Do you like being left hanging each time you have a conversation?
6. Do you like being judge for the things you did not do ?
7. Do you like being revenged for the things, again, you did not do?
8. Do you like having someone tell you one thing, but do the exact oposite?
9. Do you like being confuse?
10. Do you like having someone being so rudely sarcastic w you when you know you dont deserve it?

I can ask you so many more questions, but the ones I stated up here is what I have to put up w everyday.
and I didnt ask for it. My only want is to get to live here happily, free from any dramas. Yes, dramas. I hate them. Kalau selalu mcm ni, walaupun i refuse to let it hurt me, sakit gak ar kadang2 tu.


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  1. hahah.. interesting fact u got there. n a true indeed.. ur selected quote was indeed wat we want for ourselves but there r times where org x suka dengan kita. so just ignore je. just be urself n i'm pretty sure u r a nice gurl.. dun changed just 2 please other.. :)