Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A surprise.

Dear Beloved Blog,

 Sitting in the ELC crossword table/booth, listening to someone talking at the english speaker's corner;

 And thats when he came. Taking a chair next so me, he sat down, looked at his watch that was pointing to 2.30 pm.
He said "My class is at 3. I have 30 minutes to say my speech.".

 Elok-elok tngh makan, my face flushed, terus tersedak. *Mamat ni dah kenapa...*  terkejut i. HAHA.

And I was trying to avoid the topic for the next 20 minutes. Afiqah came sometime in between and I thought I was saved from the topic. It's not that I didnt like that type of conversation, its just that I get terribly nervous everytime someone does that. I swear I couldve fainted from the shyness.

Well the last 5 minutes before he went, afiqah decided to go somewhere else to buy a drink.  and yet again he looked anxiously at his watch, exhales, and said "okay I got 5 minutes...". And then he went on, while trying so hard from being eye to eye w me. Maybe it was nervewrecking for him too.

To be honest, I've never truly fallen for a girl here before.
Yes, I've liked a few. But that's just.. adore.
Like ,"Oh sukanya tngok dia tu"
And that was just it. The feeling never lasted.
With you somehow somewhat, it's different.
And I want you to know that........

That was when fiqa came back to the place! ahahaha :) and it was the right time for him to go to class.
and I thought that was just it.
Thats when he got up, went to the other side of me, and whispered "Il**eyousomuch"
and He ran. I swear he ran like the wind. The next thing I know I couldnt find him anywhere around the courtyard. Hahaha

It might seem like a typical cnfession, but at times like this, it's really really really nice to feel needed.
I was touched :') Speechless, but extremely touched.



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