Sunday, 13 March 2011

Honesty is the Best Policy.

Please note that the above saying doesnt apply to every situation. In some situations, some things are better left unsaid :p Like, seriously.

But in most cases, a conversation might be the best solution to the problem.
Like what I've just been through.
Since everything is okay now, berani la nak cerita kt blog :p

Yesterday, had a terrible misunderstanding w beloved roomie.
and we were both arguing w our inner-selves as to whether or not we should confront each other.

Both were extremely annoyed, but both were trying the best not to cause a scene and fight one another.

To care or to hate?
Which will YOU choose? . okay, melodramatic mode again.

In the end I guess we both chose the right path. Which is to care.
She came clean this morning and so did I. We talk it out nicely.
Both were equally afraid nak buat the other marah.
Dua dua apologized. Give and take.
and the persengketaan ends there :) Simpler than I thought it would go.
Im glad I didnt choose the harsh path to confront here
Or it would go the other way round .

Glad that we were both adult enough to handle it properly.
Takde la catfight catfight mcm highschool dulu.
So everyone out there, I think the best way to handle roomates drama is to confront them.
Come clean about everything.
Im sure everything will be okay again in the end :)


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