Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tampaq Penin.


I can't believe I got overdramatic during ECO120 paper for nothing. And now I feel reallyreally stupid.

Anyhow, Thats another paper down. Next paper, the killer one. CALCULUS.

Hehe but here's my story ;

Lucky me, some of the questions are exactly like the past years'. So I can say, Alhamdulillah I was able to answer them. So first things first, I answered all the objective questions. Only one or two I wasn't sure off.

Then I flipped through the pages. Part B four questions, Part C essay four questions.  DAMN BANYAK WEH - i thought. 
Referred to cover page to see if we get to choose which questions to answer. And ALL I ever read was "Anwer question Part A, Part B and Part C in the answer sheet given..yadayada". Something like that. And I was like dayyyymmmmm. Kena jawab semua. So many weh. Oh well. 

And then I answered all part B in one go. I tend to do that sometimes. Answer as fast as I could, and get back to it later.  That was when my stomache decided to go against me and stinging like hell. It suddenly hurts SO BAD, I couldnt even pretend I was okay anymore. I was all crippled and senget benget in my seat. But I refused to go to the toilet. Wanted to finish part B. Just my luck, the pain subsided for a bit after awhile.

When I got to essay part C, I jotted my points for each question in the question paper. Just incase. 
And then it came again. That UNBEARABLE pain in the tummy. I cant lie, it hurts so bad I felt like picking up my phone and call my mum that very second. But of course I didnt. 

Went to the toilet instead. It didnt work out. So I ended up wasting my time spending foreeeever in the toilet crying. Yes, believe me, crying. It hurts THAT bad. Even worse, I even considered dropping the paper, and take it some other time cause I thought I could never answer the questions in this condition and it broke my heart since I knew I could answer the questions. and I was oh-so-ready you let go of economics after this. So I didn't wanna retake the paper. Though it was obvious to the examiner that I was crying. a

and I was like aaaaaaaaaah! :'( no no dont wanna retaaake. I can answer this paperrrr.  Spent my own sweet time in the toilet, gathered my strength and walked back in the examination hall.

It was 15 minutes to go and I havent answered the last 2 questions. Which means Imma lose 40 marks, I thought.
So i did it as much as I could, as best as I could, and I swear my handwriting was like this :-
and the person beside me was laughing! and I was so angry >:[ 
And ofcourse not long after, the time's up! Kira kira, dalam over 12 marks jugak la hilang. 
And I got so frustrated, with hurting tummy lg, and that was it..another breakdown. I got so mad at myself and I was like.

Stupid stupid stupid. You had to have stomachache kan? You had to spend extra time in the toilet kan? You just had to take the time you had just now for granted kan? All the time in you were in the toilet, you could've used it to answer the questions properly tau? Stupid tummy. Stupidstupid Ciya. You can't afford this, dummy. Ah :'(

Fighting back my tears, I went to a friend to ask her what she answered for the questions I didnt manage to answer. And she went "eh? tk tau. tk jawab". Dengan relaksnya. So I asked her why tk jawab. er she flipped to the front page, showed me one of the instructions that I somehow FAILED to read no matter how many times Ive flipped to the front page. It stated there "ANSWER TWO QUESTIONS FROM PART C".

TWO. T-W-O. 2. 

And I just had, had to push myself to answer all the freakin four questions and got so emotional for not being able to answer the last two -___________________________________- Kesian tummy I kena marah.
And that little time I couldve used to check my answer at part B and A but didnt.


And I feel sillier than ever. -.-


Tummy is still hurting.


Ah everybody needs that one friend who you can tell how much you are intimidated by this other person, and he or she will take one look at this other person and immediately go

"Ah she's a bitch. Neah you can beat her anytime you want. No doubt ;)"

without even knowing that other person. ahah

It's not judging. Seriously. We all know that your friend isn't really hating or stereotyping. They'll probably even forget how the other person looks once the conversation is over. lol

But They're just being a rocking friend that is trying to make you feel better .

Can't lie, it works wonder. I've been through it, and I ended up laughing my head off. I went like

"Ish. mana you tau. You haven't seen her really. She has what it takes. Obviously"

and my friend went like

"pffft.! Bitch ni?ish sekali pandang tau blablabla. Takda benda ah.
Sumpah senang you nak overtake dia. Cuba you jadi berani and kejam sikit.
Sumpah takda benda ;)"

with the utmost confidence! Hahah
Even I am not that confident in myself.
and it's basically the same thing throughout the entire conversation.

And I hung up the phone smiling :) From all the laughing.
Though I know most of it are probably said just to comfort,
I still ended up feeling a lil bit more confident than I was.

When you have a friend that is THAT confident,
you can't help but feeling confident yourself. It's contagious. ahha

and it works so much better than the typical
"Ala maybe she's all that.. but you can too.. everybody can..donot give up..yadayadayada"

because sometimes you don't really want a way out.
sometimes people just want someone to be there on their side just for that moment .
it helps to know that maybe just maybe you can get through this.

cause in the end, it's you yourself that can help you through any problem.
Others, can only convince you to have that confidence.

And whats a better way to get that than having someone saying

"Screw everyone. You can do that 10 times better ;)"

Like it's one of sure-st thing in their life. :D
Although just saying.

*Shout out to pandspands : Thankyou for the awesome chitchat. I owe you.


Monday, 26 September 2011


Pointless photo :p

Anyhow, why am I suddenly feeling sad to leave this place?
Don't get me wrong. I still want to leave this place. Anywhere will be better as long as it's closer to home.
But then again, who am I kidding? I've learnt so many things while I'm here :)
Things that I'm sure I'll remember a life time.
The inevitable dramas, joy and heartbreaks. Priceless I must say,
And the people. Can't lie, there are a  number or people, that if possible, I wanna bring back home w me.
Hahah There are so many things and habits and routines Ill be leaving behind once I go.

So yea, among the things I'll miss : 

1. Le Boss! :) (please move to KL)
2. Getting to eat Asama's Sticky Rice w Mango whenever I want. Hmph (please move to KL)
3. The fact that I can run to Penang whenever I want.
4. The fact that I can run wherever I want, whenever I want.
5. Classes and classmates (really! :)) ahah
6. Pantai Merdeka's Keropok Lekor!
7. Being near to so many ikan bakar spots like tanjung dawai. Just 45 minutes away :S
8. The fact that I can reach certain people anytime and everytime I want.

Among the things Ive always wanted to do here but couldnt :

1. Visit one of the waterfalls. Tak pernah2. :(
2. Picnic!
3. Hot water spring kt Legong.. eh? 

and aaaah ada a few more I cant seem to remember now. Oh well Ill edit it time to time when I remember.

Can't seem to bring myhead around this idea of me leaving yet,
Suddenly time flies by so fast. Slow down a bit. 

And YOU, I'm so gonna miss you.


Friday, 23 September 2011


It's so hard when you're so proud of something
but you can't show it too people.
Or in other words,
It's so hard that you have to hide something that makes you happy. 

And it is also so hard when all you want is to make someone proud,
but all he/she wants is to make sure no one knows about you.
Like you're just the biggest embarassment.

If only theres a way to tell ourselves how to feel, then life would be so much easier.

Ha it's 06:10am. Gonna stuff myself w McDonald's breakfast.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's the final countdown.




I don't like being here. I can't put my trust on anybody. 
Being home, I know I feel secure knowing I can trust each one of you. 
I can be me and not worry. 

People here always expect something from me. 
And when I don't fullfill, there is alway consequences that Imma have to face. 
I'm tired. It's so hard living w your guards up everystep of the way.
I can't sit down and relax.

I don't care if it exhaust me to go back and forth.

Monday, 19 September 2011

.....And by now you'll probably be waiting for I-fell-in-love-and-we-live-happily-ever-after update.
I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm still single and happy. Har Har.
But I was, infact, melted to the deepest core there is in my body.  (:
I got a dear friend, and I swear he's heck funny. He's so shy but he always cover it up with some stupid humour and it's fun just watching him say something, then take it back, then mumble whatever nonsence to hide his embarassment. Haha 
Never talked to him formally before. But he asked me a desperate favor with his work, and the rest is history. ;)
Anyhow, been spending some time w him lately. Not much. Just a couple of times. 
It was not until late that I found out that he, is quite a stalker. HAHA.

So here are the things that I discovered : 
  • He has known about my existence since first semester. Said hi to me a couple of times, but I swear I don't remember. lol SORYYYYYYYY
  • It was not until late last sem that he found out what my name was, and search me up at facebook, and twitter dengan penuh semangat waja. 
  • He sees me as a 10  20! and sees himself as a 5. That prevented him from talking to me (anyonyonyonyonyonyonyonyo :p)
  • and here's the thing, HE HAD A CRUSH ON ME....for 2 SEMESTERS! harharharharharharhar

Let me repeat that,

UiTM Merbok's own Bruno Mars, 
had  a crush on me, for 2 semesters.
Out of almost 2 thousand in our batch, he.saw.me.

Thats what he said la :p
Excuse my overly excited self. But OH MAIII GAWD. so terharu :') Hahah!

 More of his words (translated into english):
 "You always rent a car with your friends. And there was this one time I said hi to you. You wore a white blouse,  peach scarf, and black pants. I mcm woaah "

And I pun mcm woaaaaaaaaaah you remember? I must looked really good that time huh? HAHA
okay I kid, I kid (: 

Anyhowww, well it was a stupid crush so I guess eventually he stopped? :)
Hehe. But choo chweet.
Unfortunately I got to know you semester 3, long after you've stopped. lol

BUT, thank you so much for melayan-ing karenah I all this while. 
I've been burdening you , I know. 

I owe you alot. This post is for you. Probably you tngah depan computer menyumpah nyumpah I skrg.
"Sumpah tak kelakar you. sumpah tk kelakar".
 HAHAHA. im evil and I know that too.



Ah Yes I'm still here at Merbok but I already got one parting gift! :) haha So macam nak taknak memang kena blah la next sem kan. lol.

I got this from my dear friend. He's like a brother ro me. Known him since 2 years ago even before I entered here. Hee syg gila. I've never seen this thing before. It's like Half picture album, half accessories box.

and it's heck lovely :') Spent the whole day membelek-ing this thing tadi. It's perfect.
That seems like the only way to describe it. 

A Purrrfect Gift.

and it's the only thing that seems right about my day today.
You just made my day. No lie. Call me melodramatic,
but I swear I'm not lying.

Thankyousomuch.Will never.ever. forget you. 
You have always been such a wonderful friend to me,
and if anything, I want you to know that
I want to always be there for you too.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Takda semangat.

"Honestly, your carry mark is not encouraging. Yours is average. 
But if you strive to do your best tomorrow, nothing is impossible"


Saturday, 17 September 2011


Do not say I didn't warn you ciya. Stupidstupidstupid.

             It's 4.12am and I'm alone at KFC Jalan Besar. I can't lie. It's heck lonely. I'm horibly homesick.
Been emotional these past few days. I think I'm PMS-ing. Har har . Yes. now it all makes sense. -______-
Oh well, Monday is final examination paper for English and I don't know a single bloody thing on citations.
Why the heck do you want a precise format for end-text anyway? Cant it be just "Authorname.title.magazine.year". Afterall, it's the information that matters right? All this format is effin ridiculous. It's unnecessary and stupid.

Also, my tummy is hurting like !@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*.

"Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?It's that damn cold night. Trying to figure out this life. Won't you take me by the hand take me somewhere new, I don't know who you are but I'm, I'm with you. " - I'm with you, Avril Lavigne.

Wont somebody come take me home ? :/


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


"It's amazing how a single text from you can make me feel happy for almost the whole night. You put spells on it eh? Mandram apa you guna? Tell me so that I can put the same spells on you pulak. Haih. It's so unfair. :( Though it would be better if you could just reply. Haha Goodnight <3"

I didn't tell you. But that one message from you, is all I needed to get by for the next few weeks :) To know the fact that there is someone who still genuinely cares out there, wherever you are. I miss you. and everybody at home. It's so nice to feel appreciated. I don't feel appreciated here. I'm sorry I didn't reply your messages. You know how suckish I can be in replying messages. lol. 

Ha what's even more suckish?  The fact that I'm not sure who to trust here :( It's a scary world out here, to be frank. I put up a confident, ever-so-happy front, when the truth is, I'm scared beyond words. Lost in translation. The thin line that separates genuinely sincere people, and two-faces monsters, is blurred so bad that I dont know which is which anymore :S help.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Jap. Lemme get this out dulu..


TESTS SEMUA DAH HABIS. OMG OMG. Boleh tidoq 3 hari please. Otak dah senget and I swear I'm not lying.

Just now I've taken the last of tests for this semester. Subject proving :)
But here's the story. Test was supposed to start at 10 am. Guess what time did I wake up?

10.10 am. WAKE UP. Bukan dah siap. Only starting to open my eyes. Tu pun because my classmate called. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. 

Terus, dengan mamai lagi, jumped out of bed, grabbed whatever decent pieces of clothings nearest, rushed to the toilet to wash my face, capai for my bag, DASH! Reached class at 10.20 am. Hehe.

BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CONCLUSION, PLEASE note that I've taken my bath at 2 am the night before. So I wasn't at all stinky :p And I took my bath right after test. So yea. I am still ever so wangi :p

However, due to the fact that I jumped straight out off bed when I could still barely open my eyes, MY HEAD NOW HURTS LIKE ~!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$. It's like migraine, except this time its the whole part of my head. Feels like it's gonna blow :(

Oh well, that's one thing to add to the sickness list. Joy.

P/S : Nak cendol please? 


So heres the thing,

Oh, I think I'm in love with you ?
So I'd be lying if I say it didn't hurt even a tinsy winsy bit.

Go Figure.

A birthday mishaps

So ha today some of my classmates decided to celebrate Bayani's Birthday ! :) and I was assigned to get all the stuffs needed for the surprise. 

And of cooourse, talk about bad timing, I fell sick right after I came back from class. Been sneezing all the way, nose blocked, light-headed and everything in between. I was so annoyed, felt like cursing everyone that crossed my way. LOL (To my beloved roomate, Im deeply sorry Im currently sneezing ja memanjang. I know it disturbs your sleep. Im soory I cant help it that Im sick. )

Nevertheless, Ive promised. So w a help from a sweet friend, I went hunting for the cake, tid bits, and drinks at sp. For some reasons I got better when I was outside UiTM. HAHA I watched over the cake throughout the time it was in the car w me; so careful to not let it tilt over or fall. Well,. it did reached the UiTM safely in one piece. 

I think people are right when they say not to get too happy too soon. Haha right after I stepped out of the car, CAPLOOOP! cake jatuh. HAHAHA  It's one of those "cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa". It hurtsss like heelllllllllllll. Comel je dropped onto the road in a blink of an eye. ahah My friend terus jadi superman selamatkan the cake. 80% of it was still okay , ALHAMDULLILLAH. But it looked real ugleh and messy.
Well they say it's the thought that counts eh? ceh :p

Entered UiTM quite late I must say, but somehow somewhat all the pakguards were in a very good mood, siap boleh kidding around w me lagi. Kagum. So I was allowed to go in without having to record my name in the discipline book or whatever they call that book :S 

SOOOOOOOOOOOO. As usual, the surprise plan started w an evil plan to cover the birthday girl with flour. I was the mastermind. So the whole packet was in my hand. Distributed the flour to everyone around. I had a fist full of flour in one hand, and a half-full packet of flour on the other. Was overly excited jumping here and there, planning how to bully her the best evil way possible, wheeennnn... wait for it... wait for it...


Second fall of the day! AHAH fell one leg into the drain and face flat on the grass. HAHAH PUN BOLEH. and whats best? I dropped the half-full packet of flour on my ownself. YESSSS! the best of the best. Belum apa apa, I dah kotor dulu. haha not to mention that it did hurt quite a bit. haha sedih!

So what did I do? Spent the whole night planning and doing surprise attacks on everybody else w Zu'ain Zaizura to make sure every single one of them is as dirty as me. Muahahha evil I know. First we attacked them when they were eating, second when Bayan was making her speech, then when everybody was packing. Every now and then :p Got to admit, I succeeded quite well. Everybody was as white as ghosts. towards the end. hehe

Ain was evil throughout the night. The best partner in crime. She was busy running around the whole time, doing surprise attacks on everybody. And sometime in between... again...wait for it..wait for it...


Third fall of the day! SCORE! HAHAHAHAHAHA. This time, it left a huge blue mark on her leg. muhahahahahaha. Puas hati. Padan muka.

So lets just say us evil girls got our karma. lol. Its true what they say. Allah swt bayar cash je skrg. Buat lagi bukan-bukan kt org. 

Oh well, I had fun :) Now sakit balik. Haih Asal dalam UiTM je sakit, asal keluar je sihat. Macam mana tu?

..wait. ESOK TEST!!


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dear ...,



The title, describes perfectly what day it's been today. Sluggish.

 I skipped my morning class. Calculus. Since it was only for one hour 11-12, and I just took the test yesterday. Which means that the days before that I didnt get much sleep. So today I was feeling rather drowsy and sick. Skipping the class meant I can get even more rest to make up for all the time lost. It was heavenly. The chance to sleep in and rest.......

Until I found out she held a quiz this morning. DANG! i supposed I was the only one who didnt come?  I didnt knooooowwww :(  So much for getting good carry marks eh? I guess Imma have to write a real good letter for her to forgive me. shikitty shit shit .

Oh well, the mistake's done. Let's just wait for tomorrow and we'll see. I didnt get off the bed the whole day. THE WHOLE DAY. Which also explains why I'm still feeling so energy-less now. I didnt eat anything throughout the entire day. -.- I need to re-fuel my body. Hm Hm

Dinner anybody ?


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Shout out.

Shout Out to Mr Magoo ;

Since the first time, there was never a day that went by where you failed to make me smile :)
You constantly CONSTANTLY make my day
And I adore you shoo shooo much! <3

Goodluck ;)


SO ada jugak orang baca blog ni rupanya. HAHAH

     Oh well, im updating, im updating :) Hi! So final examination is just around the corner and I'm not prepared at all; it's scary. Though I've said this many many times before, but Imma say it again ; ONCE, you've been one top, you'll never settle for second place anymore. It's true you know. BUT I'm not saying I'm able to get number one every sem, it's heck impossible. Having said that, as long as I can, id love to. You have no idea how wonderful it feels like when my parents are so very proud of me :) and that happens like urm.. once in a blue moon? ahhaa

     And so, in an effort to achieve that, I've been trying so hard to get the most out of my carrymarks. Thus, lately Ive been studying outside w a couple of friends. KFC specifically. I have no idea how many nights have went by and I havent been getting any sleep! oh well. Walaupun mcm tk jadi je niat murni nak study dngn tekun, well, atleast Ive tried :p Seperti biasa, at one point, semua kepala hotak stuck sbb information overload..... and the camwhoring starts..

 Thats Amim Lim. A wanna-be chinese. Got to say he has the package. The fair skin, small eyes, and even the brain! ;p pi tukaq kaum kt IC la mim. I think they printed yours wrongly. 

Qils qils.

 Thats nook-nook. The brainy. Handsome like hell. Clever like hell. Hardworking like hell. and SOOO AVAILABLE. I have the borang ladiees! Beratuq lekaih!

Id rather do this than calculus any time. any time.

 Ha tang ni pura pura rajin.

Ni betui betui rajin. ahah

Ah so thats was it . Basically 1/5 study, 4/5 fooling around and getting the KFC workers all annoyed. Oh well, :p At least Ive touched the books. so tk rasa guilty sngt. LOL