Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wish List :

Please note that I am thankful w whatever I have right now, and I strongly believe there's a silver lining to everything :) but as a normal human I cant help going through the day wishing little2 random things.
Random Wish List :
  1. I wish I have more shoes than just the sandals, pumps, and toilet slippers. ahah
  2. I wish account subject will become much easier in time.
  3. I wish I'm in London right now w Aisya Zara, Faiz n Kbb, and Min.
  4. I wish our parents are allowed to stay w us here in Kedah.
  5. I wish there's an erase button for unwanted thoughts and memories.
  6. I wish I could turn my emotions on and off like the vampires in Vampire Diaries.
  7. I wish I have a super power where I can be invisible and also read people's minds.
  8. I wish my bedroom can magically clean itself.
  9. I wish Mathematics can solve their own problems.
  10. I wish the laundry can do itself.
  11. Wait, I wish all chores can magically move and finish themselves.
  12. I wish I can have magic menu where I can order whatever I feel like eating
  13. I wish there's a huge ice cream and chocolate store in UiTM Kedah
  14. I wish there is actually a proper pedestarian walk for us girls to go to classes complete w roof -.-
  15. I wish I have doraemon's "Pintu Suka Hati". Seriously.
  16. I wish classes are only through video conversations!

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