Saturday, 12 March 2011

Annoyed to the max.

Dear Beloved Blog,

''Sarcasm is fun. Once you see the beauty in it."

I used to agree with this quote. Sarcasm IS fun. but there are limits. seriously.
Bertempat la sikit. Ni org ckp elok elok nak sarcastic, tk perlu pun tkpe kot? :)

Now I feel incredibly stupid for being nice to you all this while. Now, it feels like whats the point?
Constantly berusaha nak be nice to a person so he or she would be happy,
and the ONLY reponses i got was plain hurtful sarcasm.
I wonder, Does it really feel THAT good when you hurt someone ?

For anywho yg terasa, well you should be. I could never never understand your actions.
You meant so much to me and i wanted you to be happy, but CLEARLY the feeling wasn't mutual.
I tell you what, you live your life, and I live mine. And lets just hope that our lives wont intertwined ever again.
'Cause I am really really tired trying and i seriously want to stop fighting w you.
So here goes, good bye and take care. I hope you're happy :)



     Currently tngh bersandar dekat fiqah yg sangat sangat comel dan empuk. Walaupun annoying. Muahaha.
LOVE YOU FIQA. i tknak ckp kuat2 je. muahaha. She gave amazing comfort. Really. I think every one of you should try leaning on her. :P
    For a whole week this week ada english week :) Gonna be busy attending to students dkat booth nnti. Im gonna be handling the dart game. But it's not normal dart game. Here's the catch, dkt setiap lingkaran  at the target nnti will be written a small topic in English (i.e grammar, vocab, idiom, etc). So based on where you hit at the target, we will ask you a question. And if you answered correctly, you'll get a prize! as simple as that :) Only 20 cents per shoot. Nice huh? *winkwink*. ahhaah

   Had a movie night w girlfriends yesterday. Sngt best :) I wanted to write all about it , along w pictures but this blog wont let me upload any pictures and its annoying :/ Maybe next time. Help!

OOOH, last but not least,

and thanks sbb excited call i bgtau. aha i sendiri tk sempat sempat nak publicize the blog. Hebat la boleh find this blog :D


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