Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fat Weekend,

After a long horrible week,
I decided to escape from the pressuring UiTM,
and enjoy a weekend free of chaos :)

And so we went to..
jyeah my favourite hometown.
I know anybody else would go to penang but we went to Alor Setar.
Rock gila kan? I know :p

Unfortunately, I didnt get the chance to visit my old hometown,
but being somewhere there was enough to give me the peace I needed :)
A trip down memory lane when my late grandparents were still alive,
It felt so much like home.

We crashed at a friend's house.

ANDDDDDDD the activities were the best part of it all!

Here is the list of what we did :

    Arrived around late at night, went to eat char kuey teow + milo ais.
    Pusing2 tanpa arah tuju, went to Jitra for a bit of KFC and a second round of supper or "minum2" <3
    Went back home, watched astro sambil online till it was about 4, then sleep.
    Woke up at 8.30am went to breakfast at kopitiam w/o mandi, ate roti canai + roti terlur +
     a bit of nasi lemak

    Came back home, continued sleeping.
    12.00 noon woke up, mandi, went to isi perut at a stall w some cendol pulut
     Lunch at pacific for some laksa & Mc Donalds.
     Came back home to pack up stuffs, sleep.
     Woke up at 6pm and left for UiTM
     Stopped along the way for nasi lemak + ayam goreng berempah!

So you see, it was basically eat, and sleep.
How can I not be happy ? :)
Maybe later on after I see the effects on my weight. HAHA


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