Monday, 28 March 2011

Oh magnificent~ (sense the sarcasm)

It's 2:15 am in the morning and I just got back from Masjid Ashabul Kahfi, UiTM.
It felt so nice to walk about in this wee hour cause the wind is pleasantly cooling.
Tomorrow is supposed to be free day!
Tetiba lecturer dngn senang hati buat kelas ganti from 8-10 and a quiz from 4.30-5.30pm.
Menarik bukan?

And guess what subject?

The biggest obstacle for me to score again this semester.
I dont know why my brain refuses to accept this subject -.-
IF it's any other subject, then I might just make it through.

But now, I haven't bloody studied a single thing and
how can I ever expect to score tomorrow?
Don't sleep all throughout the night?
Wah. I'm only human.

But I can't afford having low carry marks :( oh how how how.

Haih though tonight was exhausting, I can't deny the fact that it was actually rather fun :)
We did the flags, bunga maggar and everything in between.

I laughed so hard; I actually managed to cause myself to  cry.
Like non stop.
Not to mention the horrible stomach cramp due to excessive vibration at tummy. HAHA
Oh well, when you're happy, everything else wil seem perfect. ahah

all thanks to..?
I know you're reading this. haha!
"Kau lagila. panggil aku raksasa berbulu. eh terguris tau"

I swear it was amazing where he got all the energy from. He just kept going :S for hours! And kak Fidee too!
And it was all seem so spontaneous.
You've earned my respect.!
...Well that is until 1.30am where you suddenly decided to berhenti kerja from "Kilang Bendera Sahol" ,
And tetiba your battery kong begitu saja.
Yes believe me when I say he suddenly terbongkang tngh2 that masjid, face facing down :S

Aahaha I could never understand you .

Oh well, better start my revision now. all the best for tomorrow's quiz Ciya!


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  1. wahh..seem like the name is so similar to me..