Sunday, 13 March 2011


Dear Beloved Blog,

Im sorry sir, for being mad at you utk beberapa ketika petang td . eheh
It was just plainly because you decided to tell me that we were going to have
a surprise back to back quiz this very night! What an "excellent" choice of night, i thought.
No excuse summore!

Totally unprepared, giving up and not in a good condition to do last minute study either;
The only thought that went through my mind was;
"Ah, nasib. 0 ke satu angka je ke, lantak. I had enough for the day, I just want to finish them fast, go back to my room, and indulge myself w unhealthy food and a good self-pitty session. ha ha."

So when I went into the room, my main goal was to finish the quizzes fast and get the hell out of there.
There was no stress nor pressure whatsoever. Just me, wanting to please myself for once, instead.

When I got the paper, I didnt even bother to check the questions, wether they are hard or not. I just read the first question, do. Then the second question, do. Until the very last question. And I didnt even bother to check. Finish one quiz. Pass up, take the next quiz.

It was the same process yet again.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. ALHAMDULILLAH. Unexpectedly, The results were satisactory :)
Though they were just quizzez, it seems like they are the only things that seem right today. One reason to smile after getting 1001 reasons to cry. Still. I was more than thankful.

Come to think of it, maybe it was because I wasnt nervous. I didnt think that much about it. and so I entered the hall with empty mind. No expectations. Nothing. So the stress wasnt there to block my mind.

Maybe that's what I should do from now on.
Everytime masuk test, just fikir nak balik cepat and tkyah serabut kepala risau pasal the questions that are cooming. Maybe boleh jawab Kot? :p Ahaha.

Wish me luck for tomorrow's test!


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