Saturday, 10 September 2011


SO ada jugak orang baca blog ni rupanya. HAHAH

     Oh well, im updating, im updating :) Hi! So final examination is just around the corner and I'm not prepared at all; it's scary. Though I've said this many many times before, but Imma say it again ; ONCE, you've been one top, you'll never settle for second place anymore. It's true you know. BUT I'm not saying I'm able to get number one every sem, it's heck impossible. Having said that, as long as I can, id love to. You have no idea how wonderful it feels like when my parents are so very proud of me :) and that happens like urm.. once in a blue moon? ahhaa

     And so, in an effort to achieve that, I've been trying so hard to get the most out of my carrymarks. Thus, lately Ive been studying outside w a couple of friends. KFC specifically. I have no idea how many nights have went by and I havent been getting any sleep! oh well. Walaupun mcm tk jadi je niat murni nak study dngn tekun, well, atleast Ive tried :p Seperti biasa, at one point, semua kepala hotak stuck sbb information overload..... and the camwhoring starts..

 Thats Amim Lim. A wanna-be chinese. Got to say he has the package. The fair skin, small eyes, and even the brain! ;p pi tukaq kaum kt IC la mim. I think they printed yours wrongly. 

Qils qils.

 Thats nook-nook. The brainy. Handsome like hell. Clever like hell. Hardworking like hell. and SOOO AVAILABLE. I have the borang ladiees! Beratuq lekaih!

Id rather do this than calculus any time. any time.

 Ha tang ni pura pura rajin.

Ni betui betui rajin. ahah

Ah so thats was it . Basically 1/5 study, 4/5 fooling around and getting the KFC workers all annoyed. Oh well, :p At least Ive touched the books. so tk rasa guilty sngt. LOL


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