Monday, 26 September 2011


Pointless photo :p

Anyhow, why am I suddenly feeling sad to leave this place?
Don't get me wrong. I still want to leave this place. Anywhere will be better as long as it's closer to home.
But then again, who am I kidding? I've learnt so many things while I'm here :)
Things that I'm sure I'll remember a life time.
The inevitable dramas, joy and heartbreaks. Priceless I must say,
And the people. Can't lie, there are a  number or people, that if possible, I wanna bring back home w me.
Hahah There are so many things and habits and routines Ill be leaving behind once I go.

So yea, among the things I'll miss : 

1. Le Boss! :) (please move to KL)
2. Getting to eat Asama's Sticky Rice w Mango whenever I want. Hmph (please move to KL)
3. The fact that I can run to Penang whenever I want.
4. The fact that I can run wherever I want, whenever I want.
5. Classes and classmates (really! :)) ahah
6. Pantai Merdeka's Keropok Lekor!
7. Being near to so many ikan bakar spots like tanjung dawai. Just 45 minutes away :S
8. The fact that I can reach certain people anytime and everytime I want.

Among the things Ive always wanted to do here but couldnt :

1. Visit one of the waterfalls. Tak pernah2. :(
2. Picnic!
3. Hot water spring kt Legong.. eh? 

and aaaah ada a few more I cant seem to remember now. Oh well Ill edit it time to time when I remember.

Can't seem to bring myhead around this idea of me leaving yet,
Suddenly time flies by so fast. Slow down a bit. 

And YOU, I'm so gonna miss you.


1 comment:

  1. don't leave...nnt kitorg rindu ciya...
    plus fast tract xde la fast mna dh...
    ct fadzleena ain pon tgh fikir xnk pegi...
    stay pleaseeee....