Monday, 19 September 2011

.....And by now you'll probably be waiting for I-fell-in-love-and-we-live-happily-ever-after update.
I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm still single and happy. Har Har.
But I was, infact, melted to the deepest core there is in my body.  (:
I got a dear friend, and I swear he's heck funny. He's so shy but he always cover it up with some stupid humour and it's fun just watching him say something, then take it back, then mumble whatever nonsence to hide his embarassment. Haha 
Never talked to him formally before. But he asked me a desperate favor with his work, and the rest is history. ;)
Anyhow, been spending some time w him lately. Not much. Just a couple of times. 
It was not until late that I found out that he, is quite a stalker. HAHA.

So here are the things that I discovered : 
  • He has known about my existence since first semester. Said hi to me a couple of times, but I swear I don't remember. lol SORYYYYYYYY
  • It was not until late last sem that he found out what my name was, and search me up at facebook, and twitter dengan penuh semangat waja. 
  • He sees me as a 10  20! and sees himself as a 5. That prevented him from talking to me (anyonyonyonyonyonyonyonyo :p)
  • and here's the thing, HE HAD A CRUSH ON ME....for 2 SEMESTERS! harharharharharharhar

Let me repeat that,

UiTM Merbok's own Bruno Mars, 
had  a crush on me, for 2 semesters.
Out of almost 2 thousand in our batch,

Thats what he said la :p
Excuse my overly excited self. But OH MAIII GAWD. so terharu :') Hahah!

 More of his words (translated into english):
 "You always rent a car with your friends. And there was this one time I said hi to you. You wore a white blouse,  peach scarf, and black pants. I mcm woaah "

And I pun mcm woaaaaaaaaaah you remember? I must looked really good that time huh? HAHA
okay I kid, I kid (: 

Anyhowww, well it was a stupid crush so I guess eventually he stopped? :)
Hehe. But choo chweet.
Unfortunately I got to know you semester 3, long after you've stopped. lol

BUT, thank you so much for melayan-ing karenah I all this while. 
I've been burdening you , I know. 

I owe you alot. This post is for you. Probably you tngah depan computer menyumpah nyumpah I skrg.
"Sumpah tak kelakar you. sumpah tk kelakar".
 HAHAHA. im evil and I know that too.


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