Sunday, 11 September 2011


The title, describes perfectly what day it's been today. Sluggish.

 I skipped my morning class. Calculus. Since it was only for one hour 11-12, and I just took the test yesterday. Which means that the days before that I didnt get much sleep. So today I was feeling rather drowsy and sick. Skipping the class meant I can get even more rest to make up for all the time lost. It was heavenly. The chance to sleep in and rest.......

Until I found out she held a quiz this morning. DANG! i supposed I was the only one who didnt come?  I didnt knooooowwww :(  So much for getting good carry marks eh? I guess Imma have to write a real good letter for her to forgive me. shikitty shit shit .

Oh well, the mistake's done. Let's just wait for tomorrow and we'll see. I didnt get off the bed the whole day. THE WHOLE DAY. Which also explains why I'm still feeling so energy-less now. I didnt eat anything throughout the entire day. -.- I need to re-fuel my body. Hm Hm

Dinner anybody ?


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