Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tampaq Penin.


I can't believe I got overdramatic during ECO120 paper for nothing. And now I feel reallyreally stupid.

Anyhow, Thats another paper down. Next paper, the killer one. CALCULUS.

Hehe but here's my story ;

Lucky me, some of the questions are exactly like the past years'. So I can say, Alhamdulillah I was able to answer them. So first things first, I answered all the objective questions. Only one or two I wasn't sure off.

Then I flipped through the pages. Part B four questions, Part C essay four questions.  DAMN BANYAK WEH - i thought. 
Referred to cover page to see if we get to choose which questions to answer. And ALL I ever read was "Anwer question Part A, Part B and Part C in the answer sheet given..yadayada". Something like that. And I was like dayyyymmmmm. Kena jawab semua. So many weh. Oh well. 

And then I answered all part B in one go. I tend to do that sometimes. Answer as fast as I could, and get back to it later.  That was when my stomache decided to go against me and stinging like hell. It suddenly hurts SO BAD, I couldnt even pretend I was okay anymore. I was all crippled and senget benget in my seat. But I refused to go to the toilet. Wanted to finish part B. Just my luck, the pain subsided for a bit after awhile.

When I got to essay part C, I jotted my points for each question in the question paper. Just incase. 
And then it came again. That UNBEARABLE pain in the tummy. I cant lie, it hurts so bad I felt like picking up my phone and call my mum that very second. But of course I didnt. 

Went to the toilet instead. It didnt work out. So I ended up wasting my time spending foreeeever in the toilet crying. Yes, believe me, crying. It hurts THAT bad. Even worse, I even considered dropping the paper, and take it some other time cause I thought I could never answer the questions in this condition and it broke my heart since I knew I could answer the questions. and I was oh-so-ready you let go of economics after this. So I didn't wanna retake the paper. Though it was obvious to the examiner that I was crying. a

and I was like aaaaaaaaaah! :'( no no dont wanna retaaake. I can answer this paperrrr.  Spent my own sweet time in the toilet, gathered my strength and walked back in the examination hall.

It was 15 minutes to go and I havent answered the last 2 questions. Which means Imma lose 40 marks, I thought.
So i did it as much as I could, as best as I could, and I swear my handwriting was like this :-
and the person beside me was laughing! and I was so angry >:[ 
And ofcourse not long after, the time's up! Kira kira, dalam over 12 marks jugak la hilang. 
And I got so frustrated, with hurting tummy lg, and that was it..another breakdown. I got so mad at myself and I was like.

Stupid stupid stupid. You had to have stomachache kan? You had to spend extra time in the toilet kan? You just had to take the time you had just now for granted kan? All the time in you were in the toilet, you could've used it to answer the questions properly tau? Stupid tummy. Stupidstupid Ciya. You can't afford this, dummy. Ah :'(

Fighting back my tears, I went to a friend to ask her what she answered for the questions I didnt manage to answer. And she went "eh? tk tau. tk jawab". Dengan relaksnya. So I asked her why tk jawab. er she flipped to the front page, showed me one of the instructions that I somehow FAILED to read no matter how many times Ive flipped to the front page. It stated there "ANSWER TWO QUESTIONS FROM PART C".

TWO. T-W-O. 2. 

And I just had, had to push myself to answer all the freakin four questions and got so emotional for not being able to answer the last two -___________________________________- Kesian tummy I kena marah.
And that little time I couldve used to check my answer at part B and A but didnt.


And I feel sillier than ever. -.-


Tummy is still hurting.

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