Tuesday, 13 September 2011


"It's amazing how a single text from you can make me feel happy for almost the whole night. You put spells on it eh? Mandram apa you guna? Tell me so that I can put the same spells on you pulak. Haih. It's so unfair. :( Though it would be better if you could just reply. Haha Goodnight <3"

I didn't tell you. But that one message from you, is all I needed to get by for the next few weeks :) To know the fact that there is someone who still genuinely cares out there, wherever you are. I miss you. and everybody at home. It's so nice to feel appreciated. I don't feel appreciated here. I'm sorry I didn't reply your messages. You know how suckish I can be in replying messages. lol. 

Ha what's even more suckish?  The fact that I'm not sure who to trust here :( It's a scary world out here, to be frank. I put up a confident, ever-so-happy front, when the truth is, I'm scared beyond words. Lost in translation. The thin line that separates genuinely sincere people, and two-faces monsters, is blurred so bad that I dont know which is which anymore :S help.

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