Monday, 12 September 2011

A birthday mishaps

So ha today some of my classmates decided to celebrate Bayani's Birthday ! :) and I was assigned to get all the stuffs needed for the surprise. 

And of cooourse, talk about bad timing, I fell sick right after I came back from class. Been sneezing all the way, nose blocked, light-headed and everything in between. I was so annoyed, felt like cursing everyone that crossed my way. LOL (To my beloved roomate, Im deeply sorry Im currently sneezing ja memanjang. I know it disturbs your sleep. Im soory I cant help it that Im sick. )

Nevertheless, Ive promised. So w a help from a sweet friend, I went hunting for the cake, tid bits, and drinks at sp. For some reasons I got better when I was outside UiTM. HAHA I watched over the cake throughout the time it was in the car w me; so careful to not let it tilt over or fall. Well,. it did reached the UiTM safely in one piece. 

I think people are right when they say not to get too happy too soon. Haha right after I stepped out of the car, CAPLOOOP! cake jatuh. HAHAHA  It's one of those "cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa". It hurtsss like heelllllllllllll. Comel je dropped onto the road in a blink of an eye. ahah My friend terus jadi superman selamatkan the cake. 80% of it was still okay , ALHAMDULLILLAH. But it looked real ugleh and messy.
Well they say it's the thought that counts eh? ceh :p

Entered UiTM quite late I must say, but somehow somewhat all the pakguards were in a very good mood, siap boleh kidding around w me lagi. Kagum. So I was allowed to go in without having to record my name in the discipline book or whatever they call that book :S 

SOOOOOOOOOOOO. As usual, the surprise plan started w an evil plan to cover the birthday girl with flour. I was the mastermind. So the whole packet was in my hand. Distributed the flour to everyone around. I had a fist full of flour in one hand, and a half-full packet of flour on the other. Was overly excited jumping here and there, planning how to bully her the best evil way possible, wheeennnn... wait for it... wait for it...


Second fall of the day! AHAH fell one leg into the drain and face flat on the grass. HAHAH PUN BOLEH. and whats best? I dropped the half-full packet of flour on my ownself. YESSSS! the best of the best. Belum apa apa, I dah kotor dulu. haha not to mention that it did hurt quite a bit. haha sedih!

So what did I do? Spent the whole night planning and doing surprise attacks on everybody else w Zu'ain Zaizura to make sure every single one of them is as dirty as me. Muahahha evil I know. First we attacked them when they were eating, second when Bayan was making her speech, then when everybody was packing. Every now and then :p Got to admit, I succeeded quite well. Everybody was as white as ghosts. towards the end. hehe

Ain was evil throughout the night. The best partner in crime. She was busy running around the whole time, doing surprise attacks on everybody. And sometime in between... again...wait for it..wait for it...


Third fall of the day! SCORE! HAHAHAHAHAHA. This time, it left a huge blue mark on her leg. muhahahahahaha. Puas hati. Padan muka.

So lets just say us evil girls got our karma. lol. Its true what they say. Allah swt bayar cash je skrg. Buat lagi bukan-bukan kt org. 

Oh well, I had fun :) Now sakit balik. Haih Asal dalam UiTM je sakit, asal keluar je sihat. Macam mana tu?

..wait. ESOK TEST!!


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