Monday, 19 September 2011


Ah Yes I'm still here at Merbok but I already got one parting gift! :) haha So macam nak taknak memang kena blah la next sem kan. lol.

I got this from my dear friend. He's like a brother ro me. Known him since 2 years ago even before I entered here. Hee syg gila. I've never seen this thing before. It's like Half picture album, half accessories box.

and it's heck lovely :') Spent the whole day membelek-ing this thing tadi. It's perfect.
That seems like the only way to describe it. 

A Purrrfect Gift.

and it's the only thing that seems right about my day today.
You just made my day. No lie. Call me melodramatic,
but I swear I'm not lying.

Thankyousomuch.Will never.ever. forget you. 
You have always been such a wonderful friend to me,
and if anything, I want you to know that
I want to always be there for you too.


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