Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Ah everybody needs that one friend who you can tell how much you are intimidated by this other person, and he or she will take one look at this other person and immediately go

"Ah she's a bitch. Neah you can beat her anytime you want. No doubt ;)"

without even knowing that other person. ahah

It's not judging. Seriously. We all know that your friend isn't really hating or stereotyping. They'll probably even forget how the other person looks once the conversation is over. lol

But They're just being a rocking friend that is trying to make you feel better .

Can't lie, it works wonder. I've been through it, and I ended up laughing my head off. I went like

"Ish. mana you tau. You haven't seen her really. She has what it takes. Obviously"

and my friend went like

"pffft.! Bitch ni?ish sekali pandang tau blablabla. Takda benda ah.
Sumpah senang you nak overtake dia. Cuba you jadi berani and kejam sikit.
Sumpah takda benda ;)"

with the utmost confidence! Hahah
Even I am not that confident in myself.
and it's basically the same thing throughout the entire conversation.

And I hung up the phone smiling :) From all the laughing.
Though I know most of it are probably said just to comfort,
I still ended up feeling a lil bit more confident than I was.

When you have a friend that is THAT confident,
you can't help but feeling confident yourself. It's contagious. ahha

and it works so much better than the typical
"Ala maybe she's all that.. but you can too.. everybody can..donot give up..yadayadayada"

because sometimes you don't really want a way out.
sometimes people just want someone to be there on their side just for that moment .
it helps to know that maybe just maybe you can get through this.

cause in the end, it's you yourself that can help you through any problem.
Others, can only convince you to have that confidence.

And whats a better way to get that than having someone saying

"Screw everyone. You can do that 10 times better ;)"

Like it's one of sure-st thing in their life. :D
Although just saying.

*Shout out to pandspands : Thankyou for the awesome chitchat. I owe you.


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