Sunday, 10 April 2011

I wanna come home.

I have never been the type of daughter who shares everything with her mother.
Many problems I've faced, Id try to not let her know .
Basically because I don't want her to worry. I want her to know that her child is happy,
So she can be happy too.
And when your mother is happy, she'll be so nice to you, and YOU in return will be happy too kan kan?

But lately, I know I cant handle all this on my own.
I cant handle facing everyday feeling so uncomfortable the minute I step out of my room.

And so I messaged my mum. I told her my story .
Asked her for her opinion.

I wanted to stop being in the comittee. I was determined.
I wanted to march up and say that starting this moment, I quit.
Because even w good intention, still I was treated badly.
And I dont wanna be working everytime forcing the smile out of me.

I told my mum my dilemma.
This wass what she told me

Hang in there. Everything that you're facing is just a test. 
People will eventually know who you really are.
Just stay nice to others as I know you always are. Do not take things too hard.
Sometimes they do things because they don't know you.

Ah yes. thank you ma.

Thats another thing I noticed here.  The fact that people talk about you as if they know everything about you
when the bottom line is, they dont. They dont.

and then I asked her so I should stay..?
Another reply :

Ayah kata dont bother how other people treat you. There will be people like that.
Stay on if you think it's good for the community there.
We love you. Take care.

Haha I knew I could gain some strength from them.
But ma, pa, 
at this moment, I just wanna be with you two.
Serve you two at home.
Not here.
Can I?


  1. ciyaa (:

    nama saya wan nordiana a.k.a didie husni. and, saya JPK kolej cemara akasia, uitm intec seksyen 17 (:
    and kita exco yang sama! and, share with me some activities to plan. i cant think of anything yg akan jamin more than 50 people to join, haha.
    and, i miss you! and really really want to see you :(
    oh that day i ternampak hanna dalam kereta, and we waved like crazy. haha.
    okay, writing too long . nak jumpa :( but u pindah putrajaya eh? where in putrajaya?
    oh okay dah. bye.
    and, be strong! we cant shut other peoples mouth. and, what others think of you, was never your business (:

    the old friend (:


  3. people can say wat ever they want but at the end u know urself better, as wat ur mom said, it is a test 4 u n remember, u got friends around u that is always be with u but be careful oso.. stay strong. :)