Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Do you think it is possible that there'll be one day where your tears would just dried up and you would stop crying ?
Or is it just me who got so good at holding up my tears after months of practice ?

All I know is Im getting better and more believable in showing a smile on my face each day,
Though Im not sure wether thats a good thing or not?

I dont feel like smiling inside. But between faking a smile and crying my heart out,
it seems like faking a smile is far less painful. Cause the pain will just remain emotionally.
But if I cry my heart out, it comes together with other pains such as chestpain, extreme headache,
nose-blocked and everything in between .

So I guess all I have to do is keep smiling,
and maybe sooner or later Id actually feel like smiling all the time.
Genuine smiles :) Maybe,
Oh well the least I can do is hope.

P/S : Account was horrible and what I hoped would never happen, was just proven real.


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