Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beyond Nervous.

It is safe to say that my  preparation for calculus final paper in 7 hours time is around 50% .
And Im beyond scared.

Never even once this whole semester I met anyone who has doubt in me.
Nobody ever questioned by ability to score this semster.
Each time, all I hear is "ah you no problemla. confirm can ".
and that, makes me scared even more.
Based on how I am now, Im afraid Imma let everyone down.
Even worse. Ill let MYSELF down.
I cant handle that.

But things have been way out of control.
Im driving off the course.
Im losing my self.
and all I want is to be on the right track again.

But there are so many factors that are stopping me from doing so.
And Im constantly being pulled down.

The final blow, hit so low,  Im still on the ground.
Remember we used to touch the sky ?


  1. go go ciya......
    u can do it dear..
    gudluck ~~

    (angels cry - mariah carey ft neyo) :-)

  2. these things happens all the in life especially when u r in university. people look down on u n problems that arises during the this periods will effect n pull u down. n ur test, treat it like other test that u have taken b4 n u will find that u can do it even u feel ur prep is not enough.