Sunday, 3 April 2011

EXecutive COmittee of Recreation and Sports.

The title says it all.
The portfolio I received for College Representatives Committee.
Or better known in UiTM as Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej.

First impression : :O ZOMG.! 

but my face was properly showing this :  (: *nods*

Good cover huh? Aahaha
Well to be honest, it sounded so, far-fetched.
I didn't know whatever Ive done NOR said that made them think I should get that post.
Ahaha. I can't even play sports too much due to health reasons -.-

BUT. it's all about taking chances, isn't it?
Grabbing every opportunity we can to learn something.
Gain something from the experience.
I do not know what to expect from all this , so it is gonna be a little bit of adventure.
And adventure is always fun and memorable, no?

The only..thing that was rather challenging to accept was the fact that
there are people above me that was not even active!
Harap ada JPK around, fuh. Tip top.
JPK takda, LESAP. Liat nak turun padang kerja.

HOWEVER. to be on the positive side,
Who knows after she got this big resposibility, she would oblige to her duties,
and actually perform well ?
Who knows? :) InsyaAllah let's pray for the best.

Wish me Luck!


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