Saturday, 23 April 2011


Dear Bloggy,

          Alhamdulillah Ive managed to settle two papers. 3 more to go and I'm back home! :) Oh yeay! But these past days have been..full of dramas. Serious mcm hindustan. I swear I could make a movie on my life and it would go box offiice. ahaha at least that's what they say :) Oh well, so dalam usaha utk menenangkan fikiran, I chose utk berangan. Hahah!

So apa I berangan about? ...Hm Have you ever thought about your honeymoon? That special time to spend only with your beloved partner and no one is there to disturb you two for days? Even weeks? *winkwink*
YES! I think about it all the time, and I wonder which city would be nice to go on a honeymoon.

AND SOOOO. I've decided, insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, I nak go on three weeks honeymoon! One week in one city. So that means, Imma go to three cities. eheh (BARE W ME. Nak berangan lebih jap).

Ahah the first city I wanna go is..jeng jeng jeng

VENICE! Eversince I watched the Tourist, serious fall in love w this city ;) Sangat sngat cantik and breathtaking. It's the "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges", "The Floating City", and "City of Canals".  The New York Times, described it as "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man".
Even the architectures are amazing! LOVE.boleh? 
Venice has also been described by the Times Online as being one of Europe's most romantic cities.
To die for , kan!Oh well, one is allowed to dream. eheh. 

  Alright, second city issssss : 

ROME. OMG OMG, ahaha the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. Oh well, it has historical buildings that hold 1001 stories. Lovelovelovelove. The city as a whole is just too mesmerizing for me. Ahah

And of course, last but not least

PARIS :) I think it's everyone's dream honeymoon. Its the CITY OF LLOOOVE. Nuff said :)

Oh aww. in such a romantic mode. Marry me please? :)


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