Friday, 15 April 2011

Had a decent conversation w my calculusI lecturer just now regarding carry marks and finals :
Sir Rijal-me
Buat leklok final t
InsyaAllah sir. semester ni banyak competition :(
Sangat stuju; tapi nampak u cam cool jer..ka u act jer lebey! di dalam sapa yg tahu...
Ahaha saya mmg cool. HAHA. tp cool tk bertempat tau . :/:/ takda sifat rajin nak berlawan dngn org -.-
sebenarnya deep down risau sngt. tp tak berbuat apa2 pun utk menghilangkan risau tu..ahah!
ala jangan risow2
u kena sedar.. u ada secret weapon yang owg laen tak der... haha
apa dia?
mana ley kasik taw.. i think you know better kowt..
Maintain your performance and get the hell out of Merbok.
Part 4 I dah tknak tengok dah muka u kt sini.!

Haha ada-ada je sir ni, secret weaponla,apa la :)
But honestly speaking sir, if it wasnt for you, I dont think I could carry this calculus subejct as well.
You make everything seems easier.
Thank you soso much'
And Ill forever remember your jasa.

You rock, bigtime! boleh?
ahaha ayat you.

ANYHOW. Calculus is the first paper for the finals. FIRST.
and its this coming wednesday,
3 days to go. 3!! haha

Note to self:
Gosh please la gather all your energy ciya and start working your a** off this finals.
You cant afford to lose okay? You cannot lose!
Siti Fadzlena Ain, BRING IT ON!
Okay tk kelakar.
Saya sngt takut dngn awak -.-
Atiq Khairuddin - thank you so much for being so smngt to read my blog everytime. Haha



  1. well, educators knows best... behind every word ur lecturers said has a meaning. maybe wat he said 2 u is true, u just dun realize it yet.. well, good luck in the coming finals.. :)

  2. hehe..ciya! thanks ltk nama i. terharu :'( hahaha.
    u ok la. x study pun blh. ajar i csc boleh?
    go2..ciya. get 4 flat again. and i hope i can get dean list also :)