Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A special kiss.

What Imma write has nothing to do w the title but i do believe that a kiss is and should always be special, no? :)

Hm as usual, my life here sucks.

However for a time being, it was really nice. I was happy and contented.
I couldn't ask for more. :)

Then fate took its turn again and everything is turn upside down. Everything I thought I knew,
is proven to be exactly what I didn't want them to be.

Another colour turns to gray.

Ha everything seems wrong here. I dont even feel myself around here.
However I am here and however I am at home mcm two different persons .

And ma, I cant wait to be home again. I know baru ja balik haritu,
but if possible I never want to be here.

Cause when Im home, being alone doesnt even bother ni.
Here even when Im surrounded by dozen of people I still feel lonely.

Ha (: fast forward to July please!


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