Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dear Stuckup Lad,

You're like the most pathetic person I've ever met. Like, really. So full of yourself, and you, on your own put yourself on this high pedestal that you don't even deserve to be on. You speak like you're the greatest person in this whole world, but do you even realise how suckish your english is? It makes you look soo soo sad. Im not saying my english is oh-so-perfect but at least I dont go around speaking so high of myself using terrible kindergarden english, really. :)

And Im pretty sure you cant even truly understand what Im writing now huh?
Not feeling so great now huh?

And to think that Ill get crushed by you? HA. You make my day really.
But I think it'd be much better if I get to laugh at your face. In front of everyone.
But then again that'll make me no different from you. So as much as I would LOOOVEE to do that to you, I am not as helpless as you. Going around doing all those stuffs so you can feel better about yourself?
Like seriously, we're not in highschools anymore. People dont give a damn about you. Or they just pretend like they do. Uhuh pretend.

To be honest? All the people who ever talked about you found it so hard to say something nice about you. Hehehe

I guess youd know who you are when you read this ;) and Mark my words, stop messing w my friend's mind or Ill make you regret even being in this place. Two can play at the same game tau? ;)


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