Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day Four

Seven things that cross my mind a lot (in random order)

1.  How do I get this off my chest. How do I tell you and let you know that I love you. and How do I make the others understand?

2.  Aisya Zara Ahmad Faiz

3. DeathDeathDeath

4. MummyDaddy. Maybe because Im far from them, I keep wondering if Ill reach home safe the next time. (traumatize by the recent accident)

5. End of the World really. When and where will I be. Will I have the time to repent

6. Having the chance to study overseas and graduate successfully.

7. GETTING MARRIED. haha Im sorry, tak galak :p It crosses my mind a lot as my brother just lawfully become a husband. So these days banyak berangan moments :)

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