Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day Three.

Yeah I know it took me so long to do this day three. And I'm not sure whether I know what to write. But lemme try,

Eight Ways to win my Heart

1.  Be with me, all throughout the way. Im as stubborn as a mule. Yes I might be all childish, all paranoid at times, and I suck at expressing my feelings, but having someone who is always there for me, even at times when I know I'm being a huge pain in the butt, would be nice. ahah

 2.  I'm a sucker for cheesy stuffs, I must say. Any random little love thing can melt me to the very core. Sing? Love notes? Chocolates? Yes those types of classic love-expressing stuffs. ahah

3.  Brain, is so sexy! You dont have to be the best student or whatsoever, but as long as you have that eagerness to learn, its good enough.


5.  Make me feel special, even in a group of people, I want to know that you see me, and note my existence. Make me feel there, and needed . Its hard when you're in a large group of people. I, especially, tend to feel invicible.

6. Spend time w me, Im a bit erm weird. I like things like origami, rollerskating, playing kites, picnic, touring, beaches, things like that. Ahah someone whos willing to do all that w me, and not faking the enthusiasm would be reallly nice. Ahah

7.  Respect the elderly. Respect your family. Respect people

8. Be a teensy wiinsy jealous. Hee, but all those im-a-tough-guy act is a major NO NO.

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  1. Ha3.. Wat an expression n expectation. but i'm sure someone will be there 4, willing 2 do ll this stuff with u. :)