Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hating myself for this. Haha

 Ah thanks to BEL classes in the lab, I now tend to read all this cheesy lovey dovey stuffs. So cheesy until I blushed reading them -________- Lame I know. Haha ahh so please excuse my lovey mode ;p Here's one of the poems.

Should I give myself another chance?
The chance of loving that particular someone,

Who came in all of a sudden
Bringing great happiness in my life that Ive long lost.

That particular someone
Who says to love me so much.
Has God listened to me?
Is he going to be true?
My heart keeps asking all this questions.
Is he the one to stay?
Is he going to heal my wounds and insecurities in love.

I love when he said;
"I love you and I'm not leaving"
I love everything about him.

Yet I fear everything about it.
I never expected my heart to love again.

At least not anytime soon,

But I am promising myself,
I am going to give myself another chance,
I am going to give you the chance of loving me.

Thanks for taking this chance with me.

Haa mcm best je if I could give someone this (:
*God please open my heart again*

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  1. Romantic as it is.hah3 Shakespear's poem by the looks of it... n u pick a nice one 2 :)