Tuesday, 28 June 2011


What is the name you wish your parents would named you?
I genuinely believe Suhaila suits me well :)

Do you want to be an adult?
Cant wait to have all the priviledges but nothing beats being young ;)

Would you kill your mother for the sake of fame?
Hell No. Id kill you first if you even thought of asking me to.

Do you care if you look ugly?
Depends on where I am :p

Did you ever laugh when a situation was deadly serious?
Yes. LOL. Im so so sorry .

Do you think school make student smart or immature?

Would you cheat on your lover over a celebrity who's interested in you?
Lol depends who that celebrity is. HAHA

What's the most sexiest thing on your face?
Erk? I genuinely do not know.

Do you know what is a halitosis? Explain.
I dont, sorry.

When you're angry, what would you do?

Are you the low-profile type but is so ultimately talented inside?
I wouldnt say ultimately talented.....

What if you happen to know the date that you're going to die?
Ha insaf lekaih.

Are you a very notorious type but kind inside?
Infact I am. Ceh ceh. ahah

What would you do if you find out that your lover is a vampire?
Gash sexy, shouldve told me earlier

Choose. Kill or kick?
Kick real hard,

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