Thursday, 26 May 2011


Ahah and so please excuse me for not continuing w the challenge just yet. Iklan jap :)

I woke up this morning at putrajaya around 12.30 noon, got a phone call from thoher (rindu!) and
immediately on my laptop that was strategically placed beside me, still feeling a bit mamai. I was still so very sleepy, unaware of the whole situation.

Logged in into facebook. One new mail from adam zakaria and samira tuan hassan :

 tomorrow nak keluar jom? before you guys balik..ajak si syamil skali..    
Samira Tuan Hassan
2morrow i cant :(
:( how la then?
esok i kene g summit buy stuffs. today? haha  
today okay je, but then ciyaa how? 
Samira Tuan Hassan  
u call ciya. i xd crdt :\
Immediately i ran downstairs, hair everywhere, searched for daddy and pleaded him to let me go back home to Subang Jaya. Like pronto. 
Alhamdulillah I got the green light. Terus ran back upstairs, replied them :p and without bathing, grabbed all my stuffs, put it in huge plastic bags, shouted to akak to siap asap
And off I went back to subang so stinky! ahahhah ah the things id do for you wonderful people =.=
Called Syamil, he's in class, cursing as to why we always make this last minute plans.
Put the blame on adam and samira :p 
Picked samira's up at her hse, reached subang home. Mandi2! and waited for Adam to pick us all up!

Ahaha we went to pyramid for lunch since it was rather late for a movie :)
So here are some photos. 

 "Do the babyGurlz face!" -Syamil. Trust me, we tried so hard. ahahha

 Syamil finishing my chickeeeen.

Random shots at Nando's

 On the way to padang D in Adam's new beloved car :p

 Ahh mi loves <3 :)

 The boys bringing sexy back. haha!

 Our personal body guards :p (lah sngt!)

Okay do not ask where we got that namehahaah
And I love them to bits.
Im gonna miss you guys so much :(
Please come visit me on my bday okay? Hehe.

Today was fun. It was rather simple, but fun!
Im glad we didnt go to the movies and burn the chances of spending time w each other.
Ahah oh and izzatie, we miss you so much.


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