Monday, 23 May 2011

Day Two.

9 Things About Myself

1. Im one messed up chick. You dont wanna get involved w me. I can almost assure you you'll regret it. Unless you're really stubborn like most of my friends, then yea ill make sure you stay. Once in, you'll never get out. Muahahha *evillaugh*.

2. Trust me, I eat alot. I might not eat a large portion at one go, but I'd never stop munching. Never. There's always cakes, biscuits, cookies, icecreams, cereals, breads, sunflowerseeds, chocolates, fruits anything really in between meals. As long as I keep munching, Im fine.

3. I'm every stubborn. I have sky-high ego. Yea, I might look innocent and everything, but know Im very headstrong. Once I've set my mind to something, it's so very hard to change it.

4. I cant live without fruits. They  make sure I stay well, rational. My favourite fruits are orange, grapes, crunchy apples, Ya pears, bananas, durians, rambutans!, dukong, duku langsat. But I dont like ciku, mata kucing, and nenas. :)

5. I'm very sensitive. I can be very melodramatic most of the times. I realise all this. but I dont think I can change anything about it. Thats just me -.- Im temperamental

6. I'm lazy. In every way.  I procrastinate ALOT. BUT, oonce I'm in the mood to do something, once I feel like doing something, I'll never stop until I achieve perfection. To the point that I get paranoid sometimes.

7. My family means the world to me. Im lucky to have a close knit type of family. and also a few of my friends who have always been there for me thick and thin. I treasure them with all my heart.

8. As annoying as this sounds, yes I forgive waay toooo easily. But it'll took me a lifetime to forget. Sadly.

9. I guess ud have to figure this out yourself ;) tell me, then ill wrote it down here.

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