Friday, 6 May 2011

A Love Story

     I hate to tell myself this. BUT I TOLD ME SO. haha I told myself before that once I'm home I bet it's gonna be hard for me to constantly update this blog and I was right :) Being home is so relaxing that you don't really have that many things to write about.Ha ha

Howeverrr, for the sake of keeping this blog updated, I decided now that  I'm gonna tell you a shortshort lovestory between two rats. Yes, you heard me, RATS. A story that my brother witnessed himself.

 Sekadar gmbar hiasan. :p

According to the story told by my brother :

"As I was driving home the other day, along this long stretch of road, I saw these two rats. Chasing one another. Usually rats don't make their appearance that obvious, but these two rats, the don't seem to care about their surrounding, whether there are cars nor people watching; they keep running and chasing one another. So I slowed down my car. At first I thought they were trying to fight. but everytime one caught up w the other, they'd just smell each other (or kissing in rats' way , who knows!) haha and keep playing police and thief again. lol. Suddenly, while those two were so oblivious to the surrounding, a car came, so fast and
BAAM!! It hit one of the rats. All I saw was the rat floundering in pain, as though hanging to his last bit of life. Of course the one which was being chased was already safe on the other side of the road when that happened. Realizing that nobody was chasing her,she stopped; and turned back, sniffing the air as though looking and wondering why the other rat stopped chasing. Thats when she caught a glimpse of the lifeless body of the other rat. She kept sniffing the air, and slowly and carefully walk back to the then-dead rat.

Until she arrived at the body in the middle of the road. It was so heartbreaking. She sniffed and sniffed the body again and again. And she was sure thats her lover (cheh) ,she stayed there by the body, not moving an inch. I SWEAR. She just sat there, in the middle of the road, not caring whether there's a car coming or people walking; Once, even a cat came! and she stayed. :S . "

Amazing huh? Just sitting there by the body. I wonder if the rat can talk, what do you think she was saying? Was she crying? I dont know. But I sure want to know if I can. ahah. IF.


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  1. beauty of love... it is shown by all living creatures.. :)