Thursday, 17 November 2011

Warkah buat sahabat. ECEH *vomit*

Among the few responses I got when I told my friends I am going to accept the fast track offer. 
I'm not trying to prove anything here; they are all my dearly beloved best friends. 
And that sad feeling, is mutual.

I must say I've been exaggerating all these while. Merbok isn't THAT bad. 
I mean, I have more than enough people I need to enjoy it there. 
Just times it's not quite suitable for a girl like me kot? 
I get bored with places, things and people easily. Sounds like a brat kan. Har har
Either way, I am totally OKAY to continue my studies there. 
I just have some personal reasons as to why I prefer taking the fast track.

But I AM feeling a bit blue.
YES, I might NOT want to go back to Merbok NOW..or tomorrow for that matters; B.U.T,  I don't think I am ready to leave that place for good either. 
I have so much going on for me there..that it does get hard to think that for a fact, my time there is over.. and there's no turning back. I'm leaving soo many people AND responsibility behind that it's heartbreaking.

I won't be able to join in anymore and I'll be missing out on so much fun and quality times I'M SURE. Thus, I am so very sad. I don't wanna be feeling left out.

SOO, in order to MAKE SURE you people will never forget me, please, allow me to be all oooey gooey and cheesy this once? :)

Imma make another post. Just to post some messages to some people :) But itll take some time as I need to find pictures and everything.

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