Wednesday, 5 December 2012



It's been well over a year since I last blog. :S How time flies!  Im such a bad blogger aren't I?
I don't have a particular excuse for this. Maybe I was so busy w life, maybe my life's boring or maybe..I've been holding everything inside all this while , not being able to express them out . Either way, I've stopped blogging. 

Suddenly all inspired to write another entry ,
A pointless one, I must say. But tengok Lisa Surihani blog comel comel in "Istanbul Aku Datang", can't help but wonder if I can sound that adorable in my blog. ehem. 

ALSOO, I just finished this book

Got some extra time on my hands and decided to stay in and read yesterday. The book gave me so many mixed feelings I can't desccribe. Even the tag line "If you could hold on to just one memory, what would it be?"  oh what could it be? hmm..

So well theres a part of this story where Abby (the lead) decided to make a treasure chest in her laptop. Treasuring all the memorable memories she collected day to day by recording them in written form, videos, and photos. Since I dont have that kind of treasure chest in my laptop, can't help but wonder if I could use my blog for that purpose? :) hm hm.

But really, if you know youre losing your memories, which one of them that you will fight for to let it stay in your mind? Share w me if you dont mind :)

Anyways, still have a lot of work to do! Student life -.-
So more updates soon?
Ihope :)

Salam and Good day,


  1. one of it of course about this one girl whom i met at alamanda with her jeans and her polo short. oh and also her fred perry(wempz) shoes. haha:)