Thursday, 13 October 2011


I'm giving up. However way I see it, we are worlds apart. I could never stand a chance against her. She has everything. Appearance? Check. Money? Check. Willingness to do everything for you? Check. Socially hot? Check. She's the epitome of hot. Almost perfect. Everything anyone could ever wish for.

And me? Im at the exact opposite pole. Im just a girl next door. I don't have much to offer. Just a promise to love you dearly and to always be there for you. But I'm stubborn and headstrong;so I can't even promise that we won't fight. All I do know is that I'm heck happy and comfortable around you and if I may, I want to continue to try hard to make you happy in return.

There. a promise to try.
But yes, I do not have much to offer. So who am I kidding? I'm just wasting my time if I stay here waiting. So I need to give up, no?

Tell me if Im wrong.

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